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move-your-homeEver since we founded our business in Murfreesboro, TN years ago, we have been the preferred local mover for any residential or commercial client who needs a reliable moving & storage service. We know how important your belongings are to you which is why we go to great lengths to secure them and control the entire process, so everything goes smoothly and on time.

  • What Makes Us Stand out from the Local Crowd

What is unique about our company is the fact that we leave nothing to chance. Movers N More has long stood out from the local crowd in Murfreesboro, TN for its reliability, thorough packing, timely transportation, and affordable moving & storage service. Relocating often is an exciting new beginning, and we have a team dedicated to making the move itself a joyful experience rather than a hectic heavy lifting hassle.

  • Why Trust Us

We are an insured local mover, and with us by your side, you can have some much-deserved peace of mind in knowing you have professionals handling your precious belongings. Whether it be your favorite oven, the piano you inherited from your grandparents, or the sofa you cannot live without — Movers N More has you covered!

When the need to move calls, dial (615) 241-8034 and let our moving & storage service take care of it all!

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