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What is the difference between your long and short distance movers?

Basically the teams we dispatch to both local and out of town locations are the same. The only difference is that you will usually be provided with an extra truck driver in cases when your final destination is pretty far from Tennessee.

Do I have to pay extra for a long distance move?

The only additional fees that you will have to pay when you are moving out of town will be the transportation costs. They will be calculated according to the distance between Point A and Point B. The prices for packing and loading remain the same, no matter what the type of move.

What can your movers do for me?

This basically depends on what you need them to do. They are qualified to pack, load, and transport personal possessions, valuables, and archives. They can also help you deliver your belongings to a secured storage facility, and arrange your boxes there in the most space-saving way.

Do you move musical instruments, plants, food, pets, and other unusual loads?

Yes, we transport musical instruments, and make sure that they are carefully packed before loading. As for the food, however, our policy does not allow us to move any supplies which can be easily affected by heat and moisture, especially when you have booked a long distance move. We can relocate some small items like spices and cereals, but you better try to consume all of the other products you have, before you leave.
We are also not allowed to transport pets, even if they are in a special case, as the environment inside our trucks is not considered to be healthy for them, as there is limited oxygen and no ventilation. Plants are also not amongst our list of items we can transport. For more information about the detailed list of items, we cannot take with us, contact our customer service at (615) 241-8034.

Do I have to insure my possessions before booking your services?

We are a fully licensed and insured company, so you can feel secure when booking our services. If you wish to take out extra insurance, however, it is your own choice.

What types of services can I book with your company?

Here are the main types of services we offer:

  • – home and office relocation
  • – short and long term well-secured storage facilities
  • – packing supplies
  • – packing and loading services
  • – local and long distance transportation

Do you offer special low budget service fees?

Depending on the date you need a service done, and the distance of your move, we can offer some special prices to our valued customers. In addition to this, we can customize any job according to the personal budget of your family and company. We can offer you low cost packing in addition to our moving service for instance, or free loading of archives or non-fragile items. There are various options you can take advantage of. Don’t worry about the fees, they are all wallet friendly.

When is the most appropriate time to book a mover?

Questions multicolourMoving is not a process you can plan entirely, so there is no such thing as the right time to move in or out of a property. In terms of the right time to book moving services, however, there are a few times when it is better to delay your moving:

  • – summer and winter holidays
  • – mid-term school vacations and weekends
  • – national holidays

During these periods, the number of families and business owners who want to move is higher. This means the chances of you finding an available mover, for the exact date and time you need one become slimmer.

What do I need to do before you move my appliances?

First of all you need to switch all of them off, and defrost your fridge and freezer, if you need to move them. The next step is to clean them well, and wrap them from top to bottom. If you insulate your appliances with a double layer of bubble wrap, there will be hardly any chance of an accident, even if the roads, where our truck needs to drive down, are really bad.