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How to Find a Reliable Commercial Moving Contractor

What to Do When Looking for an Office Mover That Will Meet Your Needs

Selecting a trustworthy company that performs relocation services around Murfreesboro TN and La Vergne TN is definitely not an easy task, especially if you have no friends or relatives to refer to for recommendations. If you are currently looking for an office mover  that can match your budget and expectations, this post will definitely help you find what you are looking for. Here are our suggestions that will help you contact a moving contractor that you will be happy with:

  • Do some online research of the local competition, and select 5 companies that look promisisng.
  • Write a universal mail with your requirements and the type of moving service which you are looking for, and send it to all companies that you liked, along with a quote request. The one to offer you the best rates for guaranteed work should win the “competition”.
  • Here are the basic factors you should look for in order to book a competitive and trustworthy office mover:
  • Insurance and license. Do not book a contractor who can’t offer you a contract which includes the price and working conditions of the job you need done. If you want to be sure that your things will be delivered safety or that you will be reimbursed for any accidental damage that may happen, we recommend you to always look for an insured mover.
  • Price terms and conditions. Avoid contractors who do not have a fixed value per job or per volume transported. If you book hourly-based transportation services, you may end up paying a lot more than you have calculated when you first booked the service.
  • Reviews  from previous customers. There are many local forums where you can find information about different moving companies. Check them out in order to read what other people have said about the companies that you liked most. Negative reviews should suggest that you are not on the right path.
  • Packing supplies. Some office movers offer special archive boxes that you can rent or buy  from them. If you believe that you need a few of these, contact companies that can offer them to you.

If you have already heard that Movers N More is a local office mover with an immaculate reputation, you should definitely call us to check out our special deals!

How to Get a Good Deal on Relocation Services

Tips to Help You Negotiate for a Better Price with Your Movers

If you are interested in learning the secrets of negotiating a better price for moving services, then this post is just what you need to read. Today, our movers will share with you some tricks that will help you get a really nice discounted offer next time you are relocating and need the help of packing and moving specialists.

  • Choose a relocation day different  from Saturday and Sunday. Weekend services usually cost extra. Even if they don’t, moving companies are so busy then that they usually refuse to make any discounts on their services. Tuesday and Wednesday are usually the weekdays when you can really get a good price on a quality home moving service.
  • Do not schedule your move for the beginning or the end of the month. This is usually the time when most tenants and property owners relocate. Since the majority of the movers are pretty busy at that time, they will not need to make discounts in order to fill in their schedule. If you want a really good deal, try with dates between the 10th and the 20th.
  • Collect quotes  from a few contractors and try to negotiate a discount  from the one you liked most, if he has not provided you with the lowest rate. It may not always work for you to mention that another contractor in Murfreesboro TN and La Vergne TN has given you a lower quote, but sometimes it works.
  • Book both your packing and moving service with the same contractor. Most companies offer discounts for customers who book two or more jobs with them. Not to mention that you may get free packing supplies if you are persistent enough.

Ifamily movingf you have already been referred to Movers N More because your friends already know we are the most reliable local movers, then you can contact us at (615) 241-8034 to book our services. Our daily special deals may vary, so you will get your price depending on the time you want to book our team for. We are looking forward to helping you relocate to a new home!

Packing and Moving 101

If you are about to relocate and you need some professional packing and moving tips, you will get them by reading this post prepared by the moving service team of Movers N More. Here is what we recommend you to do in order to organize your move faster and more efficiently without wasting time and money:

  • a man delivering boxesMake sure you have enough clean and durable cardboard boxes to pack your personal belongings. You can either purchase them from your moving company or save a bit and get some empty delivery boxes from your local grocery store, free of charge. There are many supermarkets in La Vergne TN where you will be able to find such boxes.
  • Visit a store for packing supplies and get some labels, packing tape, markers, bubble wrap, and other essentials that you will need in order to get your packing started. You will easily create the perfect inventory list if you label each box with a number for each of the rooms that it belongs to. For example, pack all kitchen equipment, dishes, silverware, tablecloths, aprons, and anything else that belongs to your cooking area in boxes with number one. This way your movers will know that once they arrive at your new property, they need to unload everything number by number. Of course, you need to provide them with a copy of your inventory or just a small list that says which number is where. You will be surprised how much time and effort a simple labeling system like that can save you. You can use a color-coding system as an alternative to this numbering system.
  • Use your space wisely in order to save some moving service expenses. Most movers charge by the volume of the items you need transported. You can easily reduce it by storing linens and clothes in empty drawers. You can also wrap small items and pack them inside pots, pans, and bowls.

If you still believe you need more tips, turn to our moving company whenever you need a free consultation! We have many other tricks to share with you!

How to Safely Lift and Load Heavy Furniture During a Home Move

Lifting and carrying may sound simple, but maneuvering stairs is one of the most challenging tasks of moving. Understanding some simple physics and creating a plan will definitely make things easy. Here are a few tips which our moving and storage specialists recommend you to follow in order to quickly progress with your moving.

  • Going upstairs. Most of the weight of the sofa is on the person at the bottom. This is why the bottom person should give a steady push up the stairs.
  • a young man's hand holding a cardboard boxGoing downstairs. The person on the bottom is the one feeling the full weight of a sofa or a bed that you are relocating plus whatever force is exerted by the person at the top.

Safety tips:

  • If your moving company does not offer loading services and you need to take care of this yourself, you’d better watch your head and cover low overhangs with padding.
  • At least 2 people will be needed to handle a furniture relocation. Make sure that all of the people involved communicate constantly. They need to warn each other about potential dangers and check whether breaks need to be taken.
  • You’d better keep the taller person at the bottom when stairs are involved. A taller person can easily lift the furniture higher to clear the steps.
  • When going upstairs backwards, stay near the railing and away from the wall. To prevent them from being accidentally scratched, wrap the railings in pads, towels, or blankets. Secure them with packing tape.
  • If the movers are at the same height, the weight will divide evenly between them.

If you want to learn more about furniture relocation from our moving and storage specialists, do not hesitate to contact Movers N More. We will be happy to help you anytime you need expert assistance from a trusted moving company. Our office is based in Murfreesboro TN , so you can also visit us for a consultation if you are around!

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